Hey Friends!

My name is Alexis, and I am the maker and owner of Gold & Ivy. I am a New Jersey native (South Jersey to be exact) who somehow found her way into the small business lifestyle. Growing up, creating was always my passion. After high school, I decided to follow my heart and go to school for graphic design. It felt like everyone in my life was looking down on me for going to art school and telling me to get a real degree. Despite how hard that was to hear, I didn’t give up on my dream. I knew I loved designing, but personally I wanted to go in a different direction with my degree. After dreaming of working for myself, I decided to take my passion for design to create Gold & Ivy.

In my spare time, you can find me with an iced coffee in hand, taking road trips with my sister, or hanging out at the local breweries with my boyfriend.

So why candles? Well, as a natural stresser, I am always looking for ways to unwind. For so long, my favorite way to do this was with a big blanket, hot cup of tea (or wine!), & a new burning candle. My family has always mocked my candle addiction, so being a creative, it was only natural for me to give candle making a go.

small batch. hand poured. all natural.

hand pouring all natural soy candle

After tons of research, I learned how terrible most candles are for you to burn in your home. Like did you know most wax is made from petroleum waste, and fragrances can have the same chemical that makes plastic? Who wants to burn that in their home?! I decided that I definitely did not want those ingredients in my candles, and this is why you will only find all natural, good ingredients in my candles.  

So in 2017, Gold & Ivy was born. Every candle is hand made by myself in my home studio - from blending fragrances, to designing the labels, to shipping out all the finished products. I love being able to live my dream of working for myself, while brightening your day with clean burning candles. So thank you!

Gold & Ivy booth sign from Pinners Conference in Atlanta GA